Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Distressing day

A particularly distressing day for into tears after reading the Sri Lanka episode... Let it be any country or race, why people become so brutal towards  fellow human beings...? why should people kill others? couldn't they find ways to resolve the issues with peace? why sadism is ruling the minds? we blame bacteria and viruses for killing the people...and spend millions of dollars to find a cure. who will finance the cure for sadism ? will there be any cure at all....for the greedy, who destroys his own race? What happened to all the rulers who thought that they are immortal? Does anybody has a right to take other's life lawfully or unlawfully? whose life is permanent?! why can't we keep our transient stay on this earth peaceful and cohesive?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Geeta Makarandam

Listening to the commentaries by sri vidya prakasanandagir swami on Bhagavadgeeta (Geeta Makarandam):

One devotee is praying to Lord Krishna
(in sanscrit : Ksheera sara mapavrutya sankaya sweekrutham yadi palaayanam, mamake mama ghanadha tamase...nanda nandana kadham naleeyase..!) :

క్షీర సార మప వృత్య శంకయా  స్వీకృతం యది పలాయనం ..
మామకే మమ ఘనాన్ధ తామసే  నంద నందన కధం నలీయసే..!

 O Lord Krishna, after stealing butter if you are looking for dark places to hide (to hide from Yashoda), you can happily hide in the darkness of my mind (filled with ignorance).