Friday, July 22, 2011

One night @ the call center

Just finished reading "One night @ the call center" by Chetan Bhagat.

Good narration. Most people naturally identify themselves in the roles for shyam, vroom et al.

Though the major part of the book is devoted to in depth analysis of the problems being faced by the team members of shyam, the last chapters describe the way out to solve or circumvent these problems.

Almost any of us will be in such situation one time or the other and the mind will thoroughly intimidated by the illusion of helplessness. Most of the time, we know the solution to our problems. But never have the courage to act it out. Most people like inertia. As most often we feel secure in such inertia, rather than working out the solution and face the 'unknown result' what so ever. We constantly seek pleasure in pleasing others...! We fear change. We fear 'disapproval'.

The call from the "God" in the story may appear dramatic. But such 'inner call' always will be shouting at us.

We just don't want to listen to it. So we don't hear it.

Till one fine day ...

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