Thursday, August 18, 2011

Corruption... in the Minds too.

Dr. T.V. Rao commented on the wall of his facebook about the corruption. It follows :

India is corrupted not only by politicians, business people and Bureaucrats, Even the educated and highly qualified people live by cheating , by groupism neoptisim and favoritism, etc not to mentioned in a civilized society, Many senior professors act as great researchers, much of the money in India is going to drain in the name of research, Majority of the senior teachers are surviving because of the positions they occupy as guides and examiners, Students have no way but praise the teachers or they may fail them. India has many Deemed not to the universities but also deemed to be not teachers. You may reduce monetary corruption but can any one correct morally corrupted people

I've added my comment. I am including it as a blogpost to share with the viewers here.

True sir. As are some post graduates with corrupt minds. They pass exams as they know how to pass exams...! One guy who can not differentiate Salmonella from E.coli gets through the PG practicals. One girl who doesn't open her mouth or manipulates the reactions and the examiners all the time gets through. one guy ...... and the big list of examples. The professors want to appear "good" by passing these 'candidates' . These people, after passing, soon become faculty and "guiding" (spoiling) some more PGs, and will be 'acting' as research scholars. They may even produce false papers. Many hide their ignorance with arrogance. Students hesitate to confront them. Soon they become 'good' teachers... as you mentioned. And also as 'fastidious' examiners.

Dr. Prasanthi added :
Let us remind the beautiful quote of Swami vivekananda " neither money nor name nor fame pays u, it is only the character that cleaves u through admantine walls of difficulties"

I added :
Thank you Dr.Prasanthi for reminding a beautiful quote of the Inspiring personality. Unfortunately, most people do the reverse... without any dificulty they break the admantine walls of character to earn money and fame..!

Dr. T.V.Rao : My friends do not worry for not becoming famous by infamous methods. What really you are only helps in crisis.

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