Saturday, January 12, 2013

Humanity..? where are you..!

Entire nation erupted over brutal rape and murder of  Delhi girl...And will the Nation responds to the painful facts revealed by the friend of the Delhi girl?!
certain things..better not said candles..shouting slogans to punish the suspect....propose various forms of punishment...all happen..but, little attention will be paid to modification of human behaviour to help the needy in time (and the law/rules contribute to inaction... it is more important to bring about change in attitude of police and public. ).
Sometimes, help denied in time or delayed, will be more grievous (physically and mentally) than the crime itself. A change in human behavior is needed more importantly than to suggest the law various killing methods or methods to make the criminals impotent...Law will give necessary punishment. No comment here. But, when it comes to change in our behavior to help others, we always think that the other person/others in society are responsible for it... we conveniently ignore our role..we expect somebody else or the system to change..without contributing ourselves anything to the change. we get immense energy to put blame on others or the system. But, we forget that we are also part of the system.
Change in the individual level  is reflected as change in the society.
Humanity...where are you? please come out from the shades of the lighted candles...come out from the silence hiding behind the aggressive slogans...!
And Humanity, please prove that you really exist persistently and not just in the temporary emotional outbursts occurring  episodically...!

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