Thursday, December 11, 2014

Robert Koch: A Tribute

Today is the   birth day of Robert Koch, famously known as "Father of Bacteriology" . Below is   a rare photograph of Robert Koch visiting India in 1897. This rare photograph  is shared from the collections of   Professor Dr. C.S.Bhaskaran,  a renowned microbiologist and a great teacher with a passion towards history and developments of microbiology as a science.

                            Dr. C.S.Bhaskaran

In 1897, Robert Koch visited  IVRI at Mukteswar.

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History of the visit and IVRI :
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The Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) at Izatnagar was initially established as the Imperial Bacteriological Laboratory in 1889 at Pune  for conducting research for the protection of Indian livestock wealth from the dreaded diseases.  Dr. Alfred Lingard, a distinguished medical bacteriologist was appointed in 1891 as incharge of the laboratory. Within a short period of two years the seriousness and danger of handling the micro-organisms of infectious diseases and pathological materials in the densely populated city of Pune was realised and consequently, the laboratory was shifted in 1893 to an isolated but beautiful site amidst the dense conifer forest of Mukteswar in Kumaon hills of the Himalayas situated at about 1500 m above the mean sea level in United Province. Lingard had studied bacteriology in Germany and was instrumental for the historical visit of three renowned bacteriologists, Drs. Robert Koch, Pfeiffer and Gaffky to Mukteswar in 1897 to advise on methods for the prevention and control of rinderpest.